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Adele Jordan completed an MA in Textiles at Manchester School of Art in 2022. She was subsequently invited to show her work as one of 50 nationally selected Green Grads in London, which showcased work considered progressive, addressing the urgent environmental, transitional needs of our planet.    

She has an MA in Gallery Studies from the University of Essex and a BA (Hons) in Printmaking and Visual Studies from the University of Central Lancashire.

She taught printmaking at various FE & HE institutions across the North West over a 9 year period up until 2003. She then became a member of Unicorn’s Workers Cooperative Grocery in Manchester for 5 years, before setting up a social enterprise, Cracking Good Food in 2010 that predominantly addresses the cause and effects of both food poverty and food waste.

Her work draws upon and highlights, the urgent need for system change, as the textile industry runs no differently from the food system; a linear, extractive model underpinned by oil, with a view to both (over) produce and transport cheap goods, reliant upon exploitative outsourced labour, for maximum profit. The take, make, use and loose system within which we operate is depleting earth's natural resources. There has never been a more urgent time than now to adopt a circular system, by re-purposing our wasted resources, if we are to ever meet our carbon zero targets by living within our planetary boundaries.



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